Medical Weight Loss Evaluation

At our weight loss centers, we take a medical approach to weight loss. During your initial consultation, we will review your medical history so we can determine the best weight loss plan, whether that plan ultimately involves the HCG medically prescribed injections, or Lipo injections.

After your consultation, we perform a basic examination, taking note of your current weight, blood pressure and pulse. Our medical provider performs the diagnoses at our weight loss center. They may also examine your thyroid, heart and lungs depending on how healthy you are and your current age.

The information gleaned from your medical history and physical examination is used to determine whether or not you need further testing to choose the best weight loss plan. Thyroid testing may be done to see if your thyroid is over or under active. If you have a history of heart disease or a family history of cardiac disease, you may undergo an EKG. We also test female and male hormone levels if needed.
Medications and Counseling

Once your examination and diagnosis is complete, we’ll develop the best medical weight loss plan. If you need to lose weight rapidly, we may suggest the Fast Track Program, which involves daily medically prescribed injections. Before prescribing injections or any other medication, we will educate you on the risks and benefits of using them. Whether you follow the Dr. Simeon’s protocol or other methods, you’ll receive regular counseling at our a clinic, both during the weight loss phase and afterwards, to help you keep the weight off.