With summer winding down and cooler weather approaching, a short cleanse could be the perfect way to welcome the new season. Between bbq’s, weddings and summer parties, calories can really add up by the end of August; using the new season as an opportunity to restart your body can be a great health and weight loss tool. Emphasizing seasonal fall produce, meats, warming teas and soups will provide your body with ample nutrition while utilizing their cleansing benefits to bring you into September and October.

A cleanse doesn’t have to be scary or extreme, it can simply be about cutting out refined carbs, caffeine, sugar, additives and preservatives for a week and upping up the nutritional value of our food.

Warming herbs and spices are a great way to cut back on inflammation accumulated over the summer months while preparing the body for colder days ahead. Garlic, cinnamon, ginger, cayenne and black pepper can be used throughout a wide variety of dishes to nourish, warm and cleanse our bodies. Seasonal produce like apples, pears, squash, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, beets and figs are great to introduce to your diet more often now. Eating locally and seasonally is a great way to ensure you are getting the full nutritional benefits from the produce you are eating while helping out your local farmers.


Ideas to jumpstart a Fall Cleanse

Starting your day off with a steaming bowl of oatmeal with organic pumpkin puree stirred in, some all-spice and cinnamon would not only be comforting on a cold autumn morning, but provide some extra nutrition

Utilize those large soup pots or crock pots for homemade soups, broths, chili’s and stews for lunch or dinner

Have herbal teas with lemon between meals as a filler and nutritional boost

Juice kale, apples, carrots, beets, chard and pears together with ginger and lemon for an immune-boosting snack

Roast root vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes, parsnips and onions with olive oil and rosemary and serve alongside chicken or beef

Bake apples and sprinkle with cinnamon for a healthy warm dessert